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Bridgeport Manual Milling


We have 3 manual Bridgeport milling machines, these are standard knee type verticals, these are used for any unique jobs and tricky parts that benefit from being done manually rather then on a CNC such as when milling or drilling delicate features where on a manual you can get a ‘feel’ for the part.


They are also advantageous for any simple parts that don’t warrant a CNC mill as well as complex parts that require an advanced setup to produce features such as angled holes or slots that may not be accessible during the initial CNC milling operation.

  • 2HP motor

  • Spindle range 60-3750 RPM

  • R8 spindle taper

  • 42”x9” table size

  • Vertical travel of knee 1”

  • Table travel 12”x30”

  • Quill travel 5”


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