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Composite Manufacturing Facility


​Design, development, manufacture, and production of pre-preg and RTM tooling and components from Glass, Carbon Fibre, Aramid, Carbon Aramid hybrids including lightning strike protection if required. We work with different resin systems including epoxy and phenolics.

EDM also designs and manufactures GRP patterns, tooling, and components from hand-applied Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy resin systems. We use current core and fabric technologies to produce high-quality components for several different industries using Glass, Carbon and Aramid fibres incorporating polyurethane and polypropylene honeycomb as well as other core sandwich materials notably in the aerospace sector.

​Resin transfer moulding (RTM) is accomplished using our Venus Gusmer pro injection system and other processes include, cast polymer moulding and a fast cast gravity system for solid mouldings. EDM can process all types of cores from solid to Nomex and uncured silicone rubber. We produce sandwich constructions that include these materials within a well-equipped production facility with cutting, trim refrigeration, curing ovens, Autoclave, extraction, and assembly areas. Our Autoclave is capable of temperatures to 250°C and pressures up to 8 Bar. Internal dimensions are 1.7m diameter and 4.5m in length.




We have the capability to take design data to fully finished tooling using a variety of materials including Aluminium, Invar, Steel, Carbon, Epoxy Block etc. If data is unavailable, we can reverse engineer mould tooling from products and go on to design and manufacture trim fixturing and assembly tooling. Our composite parts area has a dedicated 5 Axis CNC Belotti FLU 2717 machining centre capable of producing accurate component or tooling surfaces. We use Delcam Powermill CAM software and can manipulate model data.



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